Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hollister and Forever 21 Haul

So today I went out to the mall and ended up finding some amazing buys, for the most part, at both Hollister and Forever 21. I will upload pictures once my camera stops acting stupid, but for the time being I will upload pics from their websites (they will be at the end and in the order I talk about them) so you can see what I got. First, I got two items from Hollister for under $40 which in my opinion is awesome consider it is Hollister and things are usually out of my price range. However, I found a skirt that was on sale for 9 dollars!!!! It was really cute when I tried it on so I new I had to buy it. The other thing I bought from them was my most expensive purchase of the day it was 24 dollars but it was 50% off. I was a plaid button up and I don't own one so I tried it on and it was really cute so I had to buy it.
Next, I went to Forever 21 which first thing I have to say is that they have a campaign going of items they are selling in which part of the money goes to breast cancer awareness which is amazing and I have told all my friends to go and purchase something either online or in store. Anyways, back to my haul...I mainly got jewelry from here mainly because even when it isn't on sale they have amazing prices and their stuff lasts longer then Claire's, or Icing. I bought to sets of earrings for 2.80 each and I LOVE them ^_^. They are so cute and very girly which is a style that I am really really into atm. I also bought a really cute pearl bracelet for 3.90 which again isn't at all a bad price. ^_^


  1. Such a great price for the pearl bracelet. So cute!

  2. I love everything you got! Its so cute, and you got if for amazing prices!