Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Skin Care Routine Products

Hey everyone! I just got back from Wal-mart because I ran out of face wash and I have some new products that I will be doing reviews on. I have Equate off brand Noxema ($3), (I used Noxema brand in the past but this off brand works just as well as the name brand and I swear it lasts 5 times longer) Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer ($6), and Olay Oil free Toner ($4). (Pictured below) I will be trying them tonight so look for an update post in the next few days on this new Skin routine.
Just for some background information on my Skin type I have pretty oily skin and a lot of white heads in my t-zone area. I break out every once in a while but I wouldn't say that it is super bad just the ones from the stress of being a college student and other factors that happen once in a while.
I am really excited about the Olay toner because it has Witch Hazel in it and I have heard amazing things about. And the dual action helps fight acne as well as moisturizes.


  1. I have been using that same moisturizer for two years now! :) I found it a LONG time ago when I realized my acne was getting worse and I went on a hunt ;)