Saturday, October 8, 2011

October Favorites and Update

So here are a few of my October favorites so far! One of the major things I can't live without right now is my new straightener (I did a post on this the other day), I love it so much and it curls perfectly without much time. Another thing I love this month is Tea I have really gotten into drinking lots of hot tea since the weather started getting colder. I am loving my new blush from Mac called Stunner it is fantastic! Something that I can't get enough of this month is something that was shown from Elle Fowler and it is a candle called Leaves. I love Fall it is by far my favorite season and I have been looking for ages for candles or scents that smell like it and because of her video I have found it! So these are just a few things I am completely in love with this month!

An update is that I will be having a haul video up soon from my Mall Haul!

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  1. I have the candle Leaves burning in my room right now!