Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project X Pan

Hey all this is an update on my previous post about thinking of doing a project purge, but after looking online I think I want to do a Project X Pan. I am going to start off with 10 and if it starts being really quick I will move up to 20 but we will see how this goes. ^-^ I will keep you all updated each time I run out of a product and let you also know the price because I am interested to see how much it all is at the end. If you have any questions about what Project X Pan is look it up on youtube and there are TONS of amazing videos that might inspire you to also do it! ^-^

Much Love,
~Stephanie B. <3

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  1. Stephanie,

    We received your iFabbo application. However, in your application you did not include your email address. Please email us at

    Thank you,
    iFabbo Intern