Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's in my (School) bag!

So my computer won't let me webcam work for some reason so until i get my friend to fix it I can't make videos :(. However I can still do my blog for today just with pictures ^-^. Hope you's my first one so I hope I do okay. So I will start off with the bag I use most days it is from Victoria Secret last Christmas because it was on sale for around $10:

I ALWAYS have my planner and my to-do book with me at all times and I found this to do book from Elle Fowler who did a organization video a while back. When I saw it was still in Office Depots I have to get it! Also my planner is from Target and I got one of the biggest I could to fit all of my daily items in it:

I also carry with me a folder which I put my practicum records and things I need to get done in. It is super cute and blue which is my favorite color ^-^:
For my classes I have two three ring binders and a notebook (not pictured someone was borrowing it but it is just a plain five star 5 subject one):
One of the last things I carry is my pencil case which holds my most precious pens, highlighters, sharpies, usb drive, paper clips, and post-its:

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  1. I dont know what I would do without post-its, not only do I have them in my school bag, but in my purse and all over by house!