Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes!

So a product I am now completely obsessed with is the Baby Lips by Maybelline it is amazing and my lips are so soft with this and I haven't even used it the whole time it says for it to work! Another one is their lots of lashes mascara is amazing because I see the difference in that I have what looks like more lashes. The only negatives I have is for the baby lips I wish they didn't taste so much like lipstick and for the mascara there is a lot of flaking that happens after you wear it a while which gets all over my eyes. However, with more use I think I can combine it with my other mascaras to prevent this. But these are two things that I would for sure recommend to all my friends ^_^

    I am a Buzzagent so I did get these products for free; however, all opinions are my own and not influences by the companies.