Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review of Laura Mercier vs Smashbox BB Cream

So it has been a week or longer since I posted that I was trying the Laura Mercier and Smashbox BB Cream foundations and I told you all that when I figured out which one I liked I would give a review. I really liked and have chosen on my new payday to get the Laura Mercier foundation now since there are a lot of reviews out there about this item I am going to review the Smashbox Cream instead.

I really liked this product a lot and I probably will end up buying it in the future; however, there are a few flaws about it that I felt I need to talk about along with the positives. First, I really like how light it feels on your skin; however, this comes with the price of lacking coverage. I think that it covered more then a tinted moisturizer and felt lighter then one; however, I think that I want a fuller coverage at this time. Another good point about the BB Cream is that it supposedly has a lot of benefits for your skin and to be honest I really did feel that my skin was smoother and softer after using it. However, I really think that my skin is too oily to use with something like that at the moment and until I get my skin under control I am going to stick with the Laura Mercier.

If you all would like to see comparison pictures of the two foundations on and off let me know?!

~ Mwah! Stephanie

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  1. You should definitely post pictures! :)