Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

Hey lovelies I hope your weekend went splendidly. Today's Motivation Monday is all about getting organized with your closet. I think that this is important and as I am slowly moving things home from college I am noticing more and more that I really need to tackle this at my home. My closet is overflowing with T-shirts I have received since I was a freshmen four years ago, which is a lot of shirts! However, a lot of them I don't wear a lot so in order to save some space when I organize the ones I don't like I am having my lovely grandmother turn into a college quilt! I think it is a cute idea and will really help eliminate some clutter. ^_^ Once I tackle that it will be time to actually get to organizing my closet.

If you all have any tips for getting organized on the cheap let me know!

Much love,

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