Thursday, June 21, 2012

BIC Soleil Savvy Razor Review

Before I start this review I want to be transparent and say that I am a bzzagent and received samples and coupons for this product. However, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to do this review.

I have to say when I was informed I would be getting a BIC razor to review I was a bit skeptical. I have used a different version before and the results were less then par compared to others I have used. However, I tried this one out just for the heck of it and am loving it! The quality of this razor is definitely up there with other name brand razors. The BIC Soleil Savvy razor is adorable first off because it is pink and has rubber gripping which is nice because it won't slip out of your hand when shaving. It has three blades which is nice and looks similar to the other name brands. However, something that concerns me about this razor is that even though it comes with three replacement heads you cannot go out and purchase more when you run out. It is still a disposable razor so once the heads run out you can throw it away. Now, I think this is a bit strange and I don't really understand it from my own perspective. Other then that I really like this razor so far and hopefully the heads will last as long as the other name brands. I will let you know how long the sharpness of the blades last in a later post, but for now this is definitely something I would suggest, and have suggested, to friends and family.

Let me know what razor you use and if you have tried this one!

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