Friday, June 8, 2012

Garnier BB Cream Review!

So with it being summer and makeup meltdown season in full swing I have been loving Garnier's BB Cream. It is super lightweight, gives a natural look, and tends to not meltdown through these hot summer days! It has an interesting fragrance which I really enjoy because it makes me feel that more feminine and girly. Also, since I am usually really pale but get some color in the summer I hate having to purchase more expensive foundations and this is nice because since it is light/medium and medium/dark and tends to blend better with the change of my skin.

I wanted to upload real pictures of the product I purchased instead of images I got from the web and I also wanted to add ones of the product on my skin to show what it looks like.

It looks SUPER different then my actual skin tone above but as you can see it isn't as drastic in the below, plus my face has more contact with sun so it is more tan then my hand.

It doesn't really do anything to prevent my skin from getting oily, but I have come to accept that especially during the summer my face is going to be oily no matter what products I use. I was able to get this product for $9.00 at my local Kroger which was a dollar or two cheaper then Target or Walmart, around $11.00, when I got it. However, I have had this for over a month and the price might have changed since then. This is for sure something I would recommend to those looking for a cheaper BB Cream then the high end ones out there for the summer.

Please note however, that some skin tones I have noticed don't take to the product as well as others so keep that in mind. This is something I plan to keep in my collection of makeup as long as I am able to.

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