Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser Review

Sorry for the extremely long title, but I wanted to make sure the full name of this product was in it because of how amazing it is I didn't want to get it wrong. Okay, so as some of you might already know this was in my June Favorites video for skincare and since I am almost out and am going to repurchase this I thought I would do a full review. First off I want to say that this product is my dream product! I have a tendency to forget to wash my face twice a day, I know shame on me, but even if I just use this cleanser once a day it acts like I have washed my face twice. It is around $7.00 at Walmart and is worth every penny and more! As I have posted a while back I tried the Clinique brand of skincare items and while I did like them, I still use the bar when I shower, they didn't really do what I wanted and made my face feel kind of tight and almost plasticy.

I know that some people really love Clinique, and I still do, but it is just to expensive to not be doing the things I want. For those that don't already know I have a very oily acne prone skin type that really is hard to handle sometimes. Nothing that has caused me to need to see a dermatologist, but still makes me self conscious sometimes. So when I pay a bit of money for skincare I really want it to help with my acne and oil and Clinique wasn't really helping with it like I would want and was really just doing the same thing my drugstore brand was. So, because of this is why I tried the Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser.

It is a really nice gentle exfoliate and really helps my skin to not be so oily throughout the day. Another thing I really like about it is that it isn't really super scented because that can agitate my skin sometimes. I leaves my skin feeling soft and clean without feeling to dry like some exfoliating products can do. Also, for the price I really get a lot out of the product and don't have to go buy it that often. Which is another thing that is amazing about this product, the fact that I am repurchasing! I have honestly only repurchased a couple a skincare products in my life and they were never back to back, I usually went a few years trying new things and then went back to a product. I am so excited to try more Aveeno products because I really feel that these help with my skin issues and are products I will love just as much as this one.

I would really recommend any Aveeno skincare products to people looking for something to help with their skin issues. And I give it 5 out of 5 stars on my rating scale!

Dislcaimer: All opinions on this product are my own and where purchased with my own money.

Have you tried Aveeno? What did you think? What is your favorite skincare brand?

Much Love,

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